Shmimcast: Episode 01

Jamie Scheel with host Nick McGee
ShmimCast Studios

Listen in as Nick McGee and Jamie Scheel banter about random things as well as the origin and inception of Improv Shmimprov.  Jamie tells crazy stories of how he became a Canadian comedy legend at a 8th grade track-meet and later moved to L.A. to become a stand-up comic, only to find his greatest accomplishment in reading books.

This episode is rounded-out with hilarity in the last 30 minutes with some funny audio-clip highlights from recent Improv Shmimprov shows, featuring Shmimprovers: Patrick, Greg, David, Nate, Jamie and Nick.  A few clips also feature players from a challenge match against Brian, Jeff and Bin from "Off in the Corner Improv."

download ShmimCast-01.mp3