Shmimcast Episode 11

Host Nick McGee
Shmimcast Studios

Enjoy the holiday joy and cheer as only the talented folks of Improv Shmimprov can provide it!  Find out just how naughty we are...

Featuring the talent of many of your favorite Shmimprovers, including:

Nick McGee, AJ Murden, Spencer Blair, Jesse Moriarty, Jamie Scheel, Miles Taber, Enrique Munoz, Patrick Heyn, Megan Heyn, Curtis Andersen, Drew Boudreau, David Chorley, Ryan Clark, Sean Coutu, Jason Booth, Nathan Makaryk

BONUS MATERIAL from the Cast and Crew of the Maverick Theater's Santa Claus Conquers the Martians:
Katie Sapp, Ryan Young, Rene Bordelon Andersen, Rochelle Pospisil, Kyle Hawkins, Jason Chavez

...and a special guest appearance from the great Martian elder, Chochem!!

download ShmimCast-11.mp3